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Volcanic Ash Organic Cotton Sewing Thread-4833

Volcanic Ash Organic Cotton Sewing Thread-4833

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Fabric will be continuous if ordering more than one cut with the exception of wholesale rolls and bolts.

Scanfil Organic Cotton Thread is a multi-purpose thread that is finished in 34 different colors. Spun in Holland, the fiber for this this thread comes from organic cotton gathered from several sources so the thread is a blend of the longest fibers available making it smooth and strong. Scanfil is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified, so you know that the whole process from growing the cotton to adding the color are all accomplished in the most environmentally sound way possible.

Scanfil is a multi-purpose thread suitable for seams, overlock, top stitching, embroidery, quilting and more. It is 29/2, which is considered tex 30, and comes on 300 yard spools. It does not shrink or bleed with washing. The white is lightened with hydrogen peroxide and the colors are achieved with fiber reactive dyes according to the GOTS.
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