Bamboo Hemp Stretch Fleece - 340 GSM, $13.83/yd - Rolls

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Our Bamboo Hemp Fleece is 50% Bamboo Viscose and 45% Hemp with 5% spandex and you won't find it anywhere else! This fabric is natural in color, 62" wide and about 340 GSM. Absorbent, soft, fuzzy and inviting. Our natural, undyed bamboo hemp fleece is thick and perfect for cozy apparel and cloth diapers. It is a silky, stretchy material with a woven appearance on one side and soft fleece fibers on the other side. Both sides feel cozy and you’ll have a hard time deciding which side you want next to your skin. The hemp makes the fabric absorbent. Sometimes hemp fabric can be stiff, but the mix of bamboo and hemp results in a pliable, flexible, and soft fabric. It also does not have the infamous hemp smell. Excellent fabric for cloth diaper inserts and fitteds as well as anything you’d make from fleece, such as sweatpants, yoga pants, light sweatshirt, or a pullover. You could make a fleece throw for the living room or kitchen towels.

Unopened rolls direct from the factory.