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5 Rotary Cutter Blades-45mm

5 Rotary Cutter Blades-45mm

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5 Pack Rotary Cutter Blades-45mm.
These blades are not genuine Olfa, but based on our tests they are just as good. They are very sharp and durable. We use them every day in our shop cutting your fabric. One of the biggest costs in quilting and sewing are the blades. These blades solve this problem but do not sacrifice quality. The purpose of these blades is to quickly and neatly cut fabric. These will do exactly that while saving you up to 80% over brand names. It's used for cutting Fabric, Paper, Leather, Film and Vinyl. They come packed with a thin coat of oil to preserve sharpness and prevent corrosion. The five blades are packaged in a hard round plastic case for easy storage and safety.
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