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Nature's Fabrics

Strike Sewing

Strike Sewing

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Fabric will be continuous if ordering more than one cut.

If you order more than one cut it will be one long piece of fabric.

Thank you so much for sewing for Nature's Fabrics!! We are excited to set this all up!!! This is a pre-arranged system. Not for general purchase.

Only a few rules:
1. Picture in this listing is NOT indicative of the fabric you will receive- please put in the notes your assigned fabric.
2. You agree to pay the shipping cost 
3. Once fabric is received you will have 14 days to turn in completed, well lit pictures.
4. Please post in at least 5 sewing groups on your promo day in addition to sharing in Nature's Fabrics Main FB group. If using a Rocket Bottoms pattern please post in that FB group!
5. There will be a 2 strike rule. If you fail to promote in the required 5 groups and the main NF group you will be charged fully for the fabric and removed from the sewist group.
6. If your invoice is not paid within 24 hours we will need to pass to Next sewist. This is to prevent fabric going out too late and potential promo day missed. 

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