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Purple Bamboo Velour

Purple Bamboo Velour

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Fabric will be continuous if ordering more than one cut.

Our soft bamboo velour invites you to spoil your baby and yourself. It is created from 67% Bamboo, 28% Organic Cotton and 5% Polyester. It is 60 inches wide and weighs 280 GSM.  It stretches 30% in the width and 10% in the length.

Bamboo velour is the perfect fabric for many necessities and luxuries. Our high quality bamboo velour is ready to be turned into pre-folds and cloth diapers, mama cloth, yoga pants, eye masks, towels, baby blankets and towels, wash cloths, wipes and pillow cases. After many washes and use, bamboo velour keeps its softness and becomes slightly stiffer as the fibers lie down and condense.

This fabric is dyed with eco friendly dyes. These dyes do not produce harmful chemicals or environmental pollution, therefore, comply with environmental regulations. Eco dyes are non-carcinogenic and are free from or produce no harmful aromatic amines or acute toxins. The color fastness and performance of these dyes are superior to banned dyes.

The color and weight of this fabric may vary with each manufacturing shipment. 

Made in China.

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