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Bamboo Double Loop Terry - 320 GSM, $9.39/yd - Rolls

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Our Bamboo Double Loop Terry is 70% Viscose Bamboo, 28% Organic Cotton and 2% Polyester. It is 51” wide and weighs 320 GSM.  It stretches 50% in the width and 0% in the length.  This double terry is like a beauty queen, it doesn’t have a bad side. The loops are on both sides of our bamboo double terry. It is thicker than the single terry, but thinner than standard bath towels. It is very stretchy, so you’ll want to use a stretch or ballpoint needle when sewing. Our bamboo double terry is excellent for towels, baby bath towels, robes, wipes, wash cloths, kitchen towels and other goods for pampering. Our bamboo double loop terry dyes well.

Unopened rolls direct from the mill.

Made in China.