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Wool washing and care


Our wool fabrics are sourced from all over the United States. We try to source the best quality wool for the price to suit all your sewing needs.

Our wool interlock is made especially for Nature’s Fabrics using the finest most natural fibers available. Our wool interlock yarns are Oeko-Tex 100 certified to be free of residual chemicals. These interlocks will felt if that is your desire. They take dye beautifully and hold their color wash after wash. If no felting is desired, then hand washing is recommended to eliminate the chance of shrinking. The feltable wool interlocks will shrink with felting, and are the optimal choice for diaper covers and pants. The washable wools will shrink, but not much, and would be great for long underwear, tops, yoga pants, and pajamas.

Our wool jersey and wool rib is sourced from wool jersey suppliers that have ready made stock. These will also felt if you desire, or can be hand washed to prevent felting. Fabrics that are dyed at the manufacturer should be tested for colorfastness.

Boiled wool is a jersey or crepe that has been commercially felted to tighten the fibers. Boiled wool closely resembles a woven wool suiting, but is definitely a knit. This is an appropriate choice for suits, tailored jackets and coats.

Wool crepe is a loosely knit wool that is suitable for applications that call for a looser knit, light airy application. Crepe can be felted for a project requiring a thicker wool. Uses for crepe include scarves, trim, and ladies tops.

We have a great page that covers washing, felting and dying that should answer questions you have about those topics. We are always working to improve the information contained there, if you have more questions do not hesitate to contact us.