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Using a Rotary Cutter

We are all about saving time these days as the days seem to get busier. That's why we are focusing on the switch from scissors to a rotary cutter when cutting your fabric. 

A rotary cutter is a circular blade on a handheld tool that cuts fabric smoothly. Think pizza cutter but for your buttery knits. 

Here's some reasons to make the swap: 

Made to easily be used by both right and left hand 
This one is for all the lefties. Ever have a hard time buying scissors that fit your hand? Or even worse, if you're using the leftie scissors and they still aren't shaped right! You'll never have that problem with a rotary cutter! 

Replacement blades make staying sharp easy

While it's true you can sharpen your scissors, knowing when to and where to can be  huge pain. Plus, you never get them quite as sharp as they were when they were brand new. Swapping blades on your rotary cutter is a breeze. 

More accurate cuts and clean, straight lines
Let's not pretend you can cut a straight line every time. Who can?! I'll tell you who; people who use rotary cutters! 

Can cut through more layers of fabric than scissors
Ever try to layer fabric and then you get jagged edges or your scissors just can't take the heat? Rotary cutters will cut multiple layers of most fabrics easily. Go ahead, try it out! 

Makes cutting curves a breeze
Pesky curves that scissors just can't get into easily? A rotary cutter glides right along the curve. 

Won't make your hand fatigue
We've all been there, half way through a pile and our hand is over it! Scissors require more flexion of our hand which makes it tire quickly. The one handle shape of a rotary blade ensures that your hand has the stamina to knock out that cutting to-do list. 

Make the swap today and grab a rotary cutter with a 5 pack of replacement blades! 

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