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Learning to Sew: What You Need to Know

Posted by Reanell Hill on

Is sewing on your list of things to try this year? If you haven’t tried it before, you might feel a little intimidated. That’s okay! While the art of learning to sew encompasses far more than we can provide in a simple blog post, our team at Nature’s Fabrics still wants to ensure you start your new hobby off right. Keep reading to learn a few of our best tips for beginners.

Choose Your Machine Carefully

Buying a sewing machine is a big commitment, but highly necessary when you decide you want to learn how to sew. After all, without one, you’d just be left working with a needle and thread and nobody really has time for that.

Instead, start with a machine that’s newbie friendly. There are tons on the market and they usually feature minimal bells and whistles. Essentially, you want to just start out with one that allows you to easily sew simple lines with a foot pedal to get used to the process of working through projects. Then, as you become more experienced, you can sell or trade in your existing machine for something a lot fancier, such as those types that connect to your computer or smartphone apps.

In addition, make sure you read your manual thoroughly. There’s nothing worse than struggling through a project to find out later that a special setting on your sewing machine would have made things a thousand times easier.

Start with Simple Projects

When you’re a beginner, it is always a good idea to start off with simple projects and work your way up to things that are more complex. Think things like throw pillows, tote bags, or even basic quilts with straight stitches. After you’ve gotten a few of these under your belt, then you can move on to more complicated apparel pieces or items with lots of curved stitching.

Why? It is super easy for a lot of newbies to get frustrated when their seams or stitching doesn’t come out the way they envisioned. By practicing on simple projects first, you can work your way up to the more complicated pieces successfully.

Learn About Various Fabric Options

While there are tons of tutorials out there about learning how to sew, very few actually talk about the types of fabric you should use. At Nature’s Fabrics, we feel that the materials you use make a big difference in how your first few finished projects turn out.

For example, bamboo fabrics offer a soft texture, added durability, and are eco-friendly fabrics. PUL fabrics are waterproof, making it ideal for projects involving children or seniors. And organic cotton fabric is always easy for small items like tote bags or seat covers.

By learning more about the various fabric options, you can choose the right one for what you’re trying to accomplish each and every time you start a new project.

Your Family-Owned Online Fabric Store

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned sewing pro, Nature’s Fabrics is your best online fabric store. We offer a wide range of affordable retail and wholesale fabrics in numerous colors, prints, and materials. Check out our eco-friendly fabrics today.