Hemp vs. Cotton Fabrics: 4 Reasons Why Hemp is Better

At Nature’s Fabrics, we know that finding quality and environmentally safe material for your sewing projects is important. That’s why we are proud to offer a wide range of options, including hemp fabric. Here are a few reasons why hemp is a better eco-friendly fabric choice than cotton.

1. Hemp Requires Less Water to Grow Than Cotton

When it comes to what’s required for crop growth, hemp is clearly a better choice over cotton. While cotton needs a significant amount of water to grow, hemp requires very little. On average, it takes only eighty gallons of water to produce two pounds of hemp fiber, which is usually obtained through rainwater. In contrast, it shockingly takes over five thousand gallons of water to grow the same amount of cotton, which is the equivalent to about one outfit worth of fabric.

2. Hemp is Much More Sustainable Than Cotton

Anyone familiar with agriculture will tell you that growing cotton is a lot more difficult than it might seem. Not only does it take a massive amount of land to grow this type of plant, it also saps most of the nutrients out of the soil. Further, there are tons of pests that can ruin a cotton crop in a hurry, so most farms spray with tons of chemicals. With hemp, all parts of the plant are used in production. This means that even the stems and leaves can be ground up and used as fertilizer for the soil after harvesting. In addition, the plant has very few known pests, which means it has a much lower need for harmful chemicals.

3. Hemp Has Better Durability Than Cotton

In general, hemp is considered a better choice than cotton for overall durability. How so? Hemp has a higher tensile strength and lasts up to three times longer when washed on a regular basis. While cotton tends to be a lot softer, hemp is stronger and continues to look great for years or even decades to come. That’s why for certain apparel projects, hemp is the better option.

4. Hemp is Just Generally Easier to Grow Than Cotton

In most cases, cotton crops are quite finicky. They need additional fertilizer and special considerations to grow or the entire crop can be ruined. With hemp, a small amount of water and a little bit of sunshine is all that’s necessary to produce a large yield. That means it is more beneficial for small farmers to grow, including local family farms throughout the country. In turn, buying this type of fabric helps local communities and has a direct impact on small business throughout the nation.

Choose from Our Large Selection of Hemp and Eco-Friendly Fabrics

If you’re looking for quality hemp fabrics for your next project, we would love to help you out. As your favorite retail and wholesale online fabric store, we offer numerous colors and prints with some really fun designs. Check out our current selection of linen, jersey, and other fabrics to find one that’s perfect for your next project.

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