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Fabrics: Spring Edition

Spring has sprung and the sun is shining. 
As the temperatures rise, the need to wear "breathable" clothes becomes a must. 
We've put together a quick guide on the best fabrics to use for warmer weather. 


Hemp fabric is strong, lightweight and absorbent, with three times the tensile strength of cotton! 

Did you know Hemp fabric has antibacterial properties and fights against carbon? You'd be doing Mother Earth a solid by sewing with hemp! 

Anti-static, odor resistant, ultra high breathability and eco-friendly!? Linen is a dream come true and, It has such a beautiful nostalgic identity, don't you think?! 


Rayon is a personal favorite. It's drape is remarkable and the texture is so soft, you'll want to touch the fabric while you're wearing it! Wrinkle-free, absorbent (for those triple digit days) and super soft; rayon will be your best Spring friend! 

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