DIY: Valentine Garland

Want something sweet to drape over your mantle and use up some scrap fabric? 
Hold tight- we are about to solve all those problems!


DIY Valentine Heart Garland

You'll need: 
Scrap fabric
Scissors/Pinking shears 
Sewing Machine

Grab a stack of scrap fabric in all your favorite colors. Don't worry about fitting into the traditional pink and red box. You go with what your heart says! 

Cut you scraps into 2x2 squares. 

Fold in half. 
Take scissors (or better yet, pinking shears) 
And cut your heart shape. 
Don't try to be perfect. If they're short and wide or tall and thin, all the more whimsical! 

Once you have 14-24 hearts, cut your twine/yarn to desires length. 
Space your hearts out evenly, sandwiched together enclosing your twine. 
Pin in place and sew around the edges of your heart. 


Tie off each end of the twine and hang! 


This would even be fun with the kids. Let them help choose scraps, cut and choose the layout! 

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