Cleaning your machine

It's a new year and time to service your machine. 

Here are a few pro tips for keeping your machines clean: 

There comes a time when you know your machine has done too much. It's sluggish, dusty and not being the workhorse you know it's capable of. So what do you do? 

Start by examining it. 
Is it a blade that needs to be replaced? 

Depending on your issue, you may need to call your local sewing shop. Most machine dealers and machine shops will keep someone on staff specifically for cleaning and maintaining machines. Call your local shop and see if they offer this service. 

It may take several weeks to get in. 
What happens then? 

Here's a few great tips to do it yourself. 

We don't recommend taking a screwdriver to your machine if you aren't familiar with it, but you can certainly check your bobbin chamber and give it a good scrub with an old makeup brush or qtip! Be sure to use caution when using any cleaner. Your manual is the best thing to keep handy during any maintenance. 

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