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5 Best Fabrics for Making Cloth Diapers

If you have a new little one in your life or are looking for something to give away as a cherished baby gift, handmade cloth diapers are always a great idea. At Nature’s Fabrics, we regularly hear from customers that our eco-friendly fabrics are perfect for this use, which is why we put together a quick guide to help you choose the right one. Whether you’re looking for bamboo or organic cotton, we have what you need to complete your project. Keep reading to learn about the five best fabrics for making cloth diapers.

1. Bamboo Fleece

When it comes to sewing your own diapers, bamboo fabrics are widely regarded as the best material choice, as it is said to be naturally resistant to bacterial growth. Furthermore, it is also really easy to care for and holds up to repeated washings, which is pretty much what happens when you have little ones around. Our bamboo fleece is ultra-soft, easy to work with, and washes super well. It’s also snuggly and warm, making it a great option for the winter months or for newborns.

2. Bamboo Terry

Another option is bamboo terry fabric. Most new parents love the texture of this material, as it is ultra-soft and ideal for all sorts of baby projects like hooded bath towels, cloth diapers, and more. It’s super absorbent, which makes it a great choice for babies and toddlers who tend to be heavy wetters or for overnight wear. Like many of our other quality fabrics, this option comes in a wide range of colors suitable for boys, girls, and even unisex diaper designs.

3. Bamboo Velour

For that ultra-soft and totally minky texture, look no further than bamboo velour. This fabric comes in tons of fun colors and even some with a slight sheen. If you’re looking to create cloth diapers for style or gift giving, you’ll love the finished project using this material.

4. Organic Cotton Fleece

If you can’t find a pattern or color that you like in bamboo, consider our organic cotton fleece. This super soft material is still quite easy to sew and washes beautifully for ease of care. Best of all, the fabric is eco-friendly, making it a wonderful cloth diaper option for those who are concerned about our environment.

5. Organic Cotton Velour

Some parents like the idea of using cotton fabrics for cloth diapers, but still want the durability of organic cotton. The good news is that Nature’s Fabrics offers both. Our organic cotton velour is soft, breathable, and exactly what your baby needs for supreme comfort. Plus, it comes in a ton of fun colors.

Quality Material from Nature’s Fabrics

At Nature’s Fabrics, we are proud to offer affordable retail and wholesale fabrics ideal for making cloth diapers. As we’ve mentioned above, we have a multitude of options to help ensure you find the right one for your project. Our eco-friendly fabrics are available in numerous patterns, prints, and textures. Please contact us today to learn more.

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