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4 Things to Sew for Your Holiday Table

Your home is a sacred place this time of year. It serves as the backdrop to family memories, traditions, and conversations that last a lifetime. Part of making it extra special includes creating handmade items to dress up your table, which are a lot easier than most people realize to do yourself. 

In fact, our team at Nature’s Fabrics has made it easy by putting together this brief list of items you can sew. Most of them are simple straight stitches with very little extra effort, making them an ideal choice for anyone who is new to the craft or who simply wants to use up extra scraps. Keep reading to discover our favorite do-it-yourself decor projects to spruce up your holiday table.

1. Table Runners

One of the easiest ways to dress up your holiday gathering this year is with a festive table runner. The good news is that these are incredibly easy to make, even for those who are new to quilting or sewing. Plus, you can customize the design to be just the right length, no matter if you have a table leaf in for extra guests. Our favorite prints for this projects are the Red and Green Fleur Cotton Rib, Buffalo Plaid, and (for a bit of fun) Christmas Tree Trucks.

2. Napkins

If you’re hosting a more formal holiday dinner, you can even make coordinating napkins. Generally, you want to choose a cotton fabric so that it is easy to wash after dinner is over. The great part about doing a project like this is that you can continue to use it for other special events throughout the year, if you choose a pattern that isn’t too whimsical or bold. We especially love our solid color cotton fabrics for this application.

3. Placemats

Maybe you want something you can use all December long and not necessarily just for the holiday dinner table. That’s where making whimsical Christmas placements comes in. This is a super fun way to enjoy a little bit of holiday magic all season long instead of just when you have company over. Again, this is the type of project that only takes a little bit of time to complete and is ideal for beginners.

4. Mini-Stocking Name Cards

This might be a little out of the ordinary, but it is possible to make fun little name cards with fabric that look like mini-stockings. There are multiple patterns on the internet to get you started, but this is also a great project for scraps from some of the other ideas we’ve mentioned above. You can even stuff them with little candies or a sprig of evergreen for a beautiful way to dress up your table this holiday.

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas with Nature’s Fabrics

As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of gathering together during the holiday season. That’s why we’re proud to offer an extensive line of affordable retail and wholesale fabrics in a number of holiday prints. We can’t wait to see what you create to decorate your table this year.


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