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4 Easy Projects You Can Sew for Your Pets

Did you know that National Pet Day is April 11th? This very special day is a good time to provide extra treats, additional belly rubs, and anything else that makes our canine companions and feline friends happy.

To celebrate, our Nature’s Fabric team has put together an excellent list of ideas of the different things you can sew to celebrate your four-legged family members. Here are our absolute favorites.

1. Clothing for Dogs

One of our favorite projects to make for pets from everyday sewing materials is clothing. We love this water-resistant dog coat pattern from Martha Stewart. Line the inside with our bamboo fleece in your favorite color.

Need more ideas? Here is a collection of over a hundred free patterns. With all of these adorable outfits, you’ll be able to create a whole wardrobe for your pooch each season!

2. Bandanas

When you have a larger dog, sometimes it isn’t always practical to sew a big coat or outfit. That’s when a project like this no-sew flannel bandana is such a great idea. And you don’t have to use flannel, either. Any of your favorite eco-friendly fabrics will work and they’re super simple to create. You could even make one for each day of the week or holiday!

Another option is to use fabric scraps from your other sewing projects as adornments. Add a monogram, heart, star, or some other design. The possibilities are really endless with this type of pet project.

3. Sewn Cat Bed

Of course, we don’t want to leave out our feline friends when it comes to National Pet Day. This sewn cat bed is super simple to complete and makes a great use of your favorite natural fabrics. We’re also big fans of this easy three-in-one magical cat bed, too.

The cool thing about making your own cat bed from our extra soft eco-friendly fabrics is that the whole thing is washable. This means that you could easily make two and alternate them to keep cat hair and messes to a minimum. What a win for both you and your pet, right?

4. Fabric Pet Toys

If you have quite a few fabric scraps sitting around, you could always try out these do-it-yourself dog toys. They only take a few minutes to make and are a great way to get the most out of the supplies you have on hand from other projects. Of course, tug toys are always pretty popular, too.

For your cat, there’s the option to sew a catnip mouse. All you have to do is follow the pattern, which includes putting just a pinch or two of actual catnip in the center. Of course, you can also use catnip spray, too.

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