4 Benefits of Sewing with Linen Fabric

If you’re thinking about using a new type of material for your next apparel or home accessory design, look no further than linen. This tough, durable, and soft fabric is excellent for everything from skirts and t-shirts to throw pillows, curtains, and more. Here are a several of the benefits of using organic linen fabric by the yardn your sewing projects.

1. Linen is Stronger Than Cotton

Linen is said to be as much as 30% stronger than cotton. At Nature’s Fabrics, we know that to be absolutely true. This incredibly durable material has been used in clothing projects for centuries, which is long before cotton became such a major staple in the textile industry.

It can also absorb up to 20% more moisture and is known for additional softness. The only problem? Linen is typically heavier than cotton, which is why clothing manufacturers switched to other options to meet demand for lighter, less bulky apparel.

2. Easier to Sew Than Other Fabrics

In general, linen is easier to sew than most other natural fabrics. Most of the time, it won’t slip or lose shape when you’re trying to cut it out to match a pattern. And that’s why so many beginning crafters like working with it.

The downside? It can wrinkle in a hurry. Just make sure you have your iron handy, and you’ll have no problems whatsoever. In fact, you’ll probably learn to love linen so much that you won’t want to go back to cotton!

3. Hypoallergenic and Breathable

Another benefit of using linen fabric is that it is also hypoallergenic and highly breathable. Think about this for a second. Years ago, the only bandages available were made from linen – and this is why.

If your family struggles with allergies or skin reactions, then you’ll love introducing linen clothing and home accessories. It’s also great for shirts and other items you plan on wearing during outdoor adventures, thanks to the natural breathability of the material.

4. Simple Care Requirements

Caring for linen fabric is super easy, which is why it is a favorite for clothing pieces. To keep it looking great, simply wash in cold water and tumble dry low. For home accessories like throw pillows, spot treat any obvious stains and wash like normal.

However, the only downside to linen is that it can wrinkle if you aren’t careful. But anyone who is okay with using an iron should have no problem getting it back into pristine shape with a few passes.

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