The Happy Hippos Flex Fit OS Original (One Size) Cloth Diaper PDF Pattern

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This pattern is a PDF printable pattern, not a finished product.
The Flex Fit OS (one size) Diaper Pattern generally fits 9-42+lbs depending on the build of your child. For example, some toddlers who are skinny can even fit it to 45lbs. where a super short chubby toddler may only fit to 40lbs etc.

This pattern is trimless and uses layers for options. Layers allows you to print specific features/options you want and the ability to turn off options you do not want.
See instructions for a detailed
HOW TO on layers and how to use them.
This pattern also comes with the option to print in A4 format for internationals.

The Flex Fit OS has 4 rise settings to fit a very wide range of sizes. Rises are approximately 14.5"-16"-17.5"-19"
You need a 22X22" cut of the and inner fabric for this diaper.

The pattern comes with instructions for AI2 (all-in-2), Quick dry AIO (all-in-1), Quick dry Snap in Fitted, Quick dry sewn in Fitted, and 2 versions of Pocket diapers (leading edge that you can only use for personal use) and Sham/envelope style that can be used for selling as well. It also comes with 2 different wing options: square and rounded. It also comes with instructions and pattern for wing embellishments, wing2wing diapers, and half and half fabric diapers.
The Flex Fit also comes with a OS Contour Soaker/Insert that has 2 styles. Snap to Fit OS Contour has snaps and folds in half to secure it at nb/sm, small, medium, and large settings. Fold to fit has no snaps on it and folds wherever you'd like to get a customized absorbency.
The Flex Fit comes with an additional Doubler for medium and large settings and also can be an optional smaller NB Insert on it's own. It's great for babies for nap and nighttime and for babies/toddlers who are super wetters.

The size diaper cut you need to have lots of room to sew is a 20X22" cut. You can also use 20X20" diaper cuts along with wing embellishments of a different color or print of PUL.

The highest rise is 19" but due to the angled front and back the front needs more room at the ends of the front panel and the back is taller in the center. If you also purchase the flawless fit in the future it pairs well for using yards of PUL because it only uses a 17X19" cut. (It will fit 7-32lbs)