Ditto Daddy Licensing

Ditto Daddy™ Licensing Information

Would you like to be a WAHM? Or perhaps you already have a great store and would like a unique addition to your line of products offered. You have come to the right place! Ditto Daddy™ licensees are supported through advertising and referrals. License fees are set low and so they can realistically be made back in a quick manner.

For licensing there are several packages available.
6 Months $95.00
Annually $175
Lifetime $350

Your license fee is guaranteed not to undergo any change within the period that you are licensed- so if you pay for a year and the fee increases in that year there will be no additional charges or anything of that nature.

YOU set your pricing. There is NO MSRP for Ditto Daddy™ products. The patterns have enough flexibility to be made from a wide array of fabrics from recycled items to imported Japanese fabrics. You are the manufacturer and in charge of your own pricing and profit margins.

Common question is: can I pay monthly for an annual license? My apologies but no. The reason that it is set this way is because keeping track of monthly dates and chasing product pictures and/or samples to verify becomes much more labor intensive with monthly licensing.

A copy of the licensing agreement is available below.

Please e-mail us HERE for more information about Ditto Daddy™ licensing.

Ditto Daddy™ Licensing Policy

Ditto Daddy™ is happy to be able to offer sewing licenses for our copyrighted Ditto Daddy™ patterns. To sell goods made from any of the Ditto Daddy™ patterns and use the Ditto Daddy™ trademark you must agree to, and comply with the following.

When you purchase just the Ditto Daddy™ pattern(s) it is for home use, & not for profit. With purchase of a pattern without licensing rights, you are intending for yourself to be the end-user.

Ditto Daddy™ reserves all rights to development and sale of all designs constructed from these patterns and the sewing guides that are included therein. Entering into this agreement does not give right to licensee for reproduction of the copyrighted Ditto Daddy™ patterns for resale of pattern; only for home produced products made from the patterns.

Cottage Industry:
If you are working out of your home you may purchase a "Cottage Industry License" which will give you the right to use Ditto Daddy™ pattern(s) in your individual home business.

To qualify for one of Ditto Daddy™ cottage industry licenses, you must do the sewing yourself with absolutely no additional help. Each person sewing must be licensed individually; for example if you’d like your sister to sew Ditto Daddy™ boxers with you, even if you retail them at the same place you will both need a license. Violation of this is a violation of your agreement and can result in forfeiture of licensing with no refund.

These licenses are sold at a low price to help give other mothers and fathers a work at home opportunity. This is not a license for any type of commercial or factory setting production.

You may wholesale your Ditto Daddy™ boxers, however, the one license per-person rule & non-factory, non-commercial rules apply.

Commercial Production:
Licensee agrees that all production of the pattern must be sewn in her/his own home with no type of commercial production. Commercial is defined as factory situation as well as hiring or contracting others to work for you, even within your home. If you hire help, they must also obtain a license for the Ditto Daddy™ pattern. At this time we are not granting anyone use of our patterns in any type of commercial production. Although we have no plan of it, Ditto Daddy™ does, however, reserve the right to grant commercial use or commercially produce ourselves.

Quality Control:
We do provide quality-control in three levels- none of which have a fee. Basic level licensee will provide sample in the form of digital photographs on a semi-annual basis. Platinum level sellers are required to send one sample on an every-other-month basis. Gold level sellers will be required to send a sample on a quarterly basis. Samples will not be returned, but will be lotteried off with a link provided to your site. This will provide you with an advertising opportunity in return for your sample items. Platinum and Gold level sellers will both have information regarding your retail establishment listed on the Ditto Daddy™ webpage. Failure to comply with quality control or failure to maintain standard after warning, may both result in revocation of licensing rights with no applicable refund.

By entering into the above contract, licensee agrees to non-competition. This means that licensee agrees that s/he will not compete with Ditto Daddy™ by selling items or engaging in any business of a similar nature during contractual agreement and for a period of twelve months thereafter. Items shall be defined as boxer style training pants (waterproofed or not) and similar nature shall be defined as pattern licensing for training pants that are of a like style. Diaper-cut diapers as well as diaper-cut trainers would not be considered a like style.

Improvements and discoveries in relation to the Ditto Daddy™ pattern is agreed to be divulged to Ditto Daddy™. Licensee also agrees not to disclose confidential information obtained through licensing.

Ditto Daddy™ does not assume responsibility for damage resulting from misuse of end-user products. The licensee is an independent agent autonomous from and is no way employed by Ditto Daddy™. We are not liable for the outcome of any sewing project. If licensee’s customer is not satisfied, then the matter is between licensee and said customer. Likewise, Ditto Daddy™ makes no promise of success or profits (although we truly hope you benefit immensely from this agreement).

Ditto Daddy™ reserves the right to terminate contracts, change fee structures, deny licensing and deny renewals. If at any time, licensee wishes to terminate the contract it must be submitted in writing. For shorter contracts, non-payment will result in assumed termination of contract. Please note that we are fair and reasonable and would not terminate or make changes with out cause and/or appropriate compensation.

Contract license fees are non-transferable and non-refundable.