As many of you start the search for mask making supplies, we thought we would make a page here for you to get started.

We offer many mask making supplies and notions. We are not experts by any means. We can only offer what we have done.

Elastic - We have elastic on the way. We will get those things listed as soon as possible. We do offer other elastics that will work. Fold over elastic and picot elastic are both good substitutions. All of our elastic is sold by the yard.

Gowns - Many people are making scrub like gowns with our 1 mil pul. They use a spandex jersey or rib for cuffs. Another alternative for waterproof aprons would be our waterproof oxford.

Masks - Masks can be made with any woven or knit fabric. Many people are using a pattern that allows for a filter to be inserted into the mask. Bamboo/spandex jersey is super soft and works well as a nice soft layer. It can be used for both inside and outside layers.  A filter can be placed between the layers.