The Happy Hippos Flex Fit SERGED One Size Cloth Diaper PDF Pattern.

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This pattern is a PDF printable pattern, not a finished product. The Flex Fit SERGED OS (one size) Diaper Pattern generally fits 10-45+lbs depending on the build of your child. For example, some toddlers who are skinny can fit it to 45lbs. where a super short chubby toddler may only fit to 40lbs etc.

The Flex Fit SERGED OS has 4 rise settings to fit a very wide range of sizes.

The pattern can be made as a fitted diaper (snap in soaker or sewn in quick dry) AI2 (all-in-2) by using PUL or windproof fleece outer and a stay dry inner (or double layer PUL), or hybrid diaper with hidden windpro or fleece.

The Flex Fit SERGED also comes with a OS Contour Soaker/Insert that has 2 styles. Snap to Fit OS Contour has snaps and folds in half to secure it at nb/sm, small, medium, and large settings. Fold to fit has no snaps on it and folds wherever you'd like to get a customized absorbency.
The Flex Fit comes with an additional Doubler for medium and large settings and also can be an optional smaller NB Insert on it's own. It's great for babies for nap and nighttime and for babies/toddlers who are super wetters.

It also comes with a FRONT WETTER doubler that is great for those babies that wet towards the front! It has optional snaps to snap into the front of the diaper if desired too.

The Flex Fit SERGED OS is a very FLEXible pattern! It's great for chubby babies and skinny babies alike.

It was created like the regular Flex Fit but has rounded wings and more gradual curves to make it serger friendly. It's also a touch trimmer/narrower.

What makes it special? This pattern isn't like other diaper patterns in that the front panel is angled as well as the front snaps. The way it angles is to accomodate room in the belly and thighs and to wrap around and fit "like a glove". The angled fit also accomodates super chubby thighs as well as chicken legs. It also has a wide front panel. The back wings are also slightly angled and this combo seems to really contour to baby's body and prevent gapping, sagging, and misfit.

The Flex Fit is a fuller cut than my flawless pattern as customers wanted more room and coverage in the butt for as baby grows and ages. It still fits great on little babies as well and is pretty trim.

The Flex Fit patterns were created after my flawless fit at the request of my diaper customers to make a bigger longer fitting pattern that still had the great features of the flawless.

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