2022 List: 5 books for a happy year

Posted by Dorie Kirk on

You've set a resolution and maybe even a "word of the year". But have you really allowed your mindset to prepare for success in a new year? 
We put together five books we think you should read in 2022 to help motivate you without quick burnout. 



Atomic Habits

James Clear is ready to teach you to break old habits by interrupting your routine. 
 He breaks down the psychological reasons behind habits and gives clear cut ways to solve the issues at hand. In fact, he promises to help you form good habits along the way. Grab it now. 



Get Untamed: The Journal 

By now, we've all gotten our hands on Untamed, or know someone who says it's changed their lives. You don't have to read the book to take advantage of this one of a kind journal. It provokes so much thought and self awareness that you'll thank us later! 

The Joy Of Small Things

Hannah Jane Parkinson brings all the things you forgot you enjoyed in life and placed them into this lighthearted book, where she delicately and deliberately describes things like "an embossed smoking jacket with matching slippers sitting on a Chesterfield with a roaring fire and a  brandy." Now tell me that doesn't transport you to some place you'd rather be right now! 

Healing Is A Gift 

A beautiful collection of poetry that will truly keep you going all year long, no matter what storm you are facing. 

The Sunny Nihilist

Releasing 1-22-22
Challenging naming a purpose for every life event, this book promises help finding relief from stress, exhaustion, and anxiety. Most importantly, you can embrace the opportunity to enjoy the moment, the present, the chaos and luck of being alive at all. If we all don't need that after the past two years, then what else is keeping us holding on!? 

What books are you reading in the new year?